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Earth Indaba


Origin: Xhosa and Zulu, ‘a discussion of important matters of concern’.

Sallie Burrough


"Relentlessly curious, perceptively accurate, and quietly fearless."

I grew up on a farm in Somerset, mostly to be found with my head in a book and my feet in the long grass. Neither of those things has changed much.  In my twenties, I swapped the meadows of Somerset for African savannas, becoming one of the world’s leading experts on long-term environmental change in the Kalahari and acquiring an incurable addiction to salt pans and sand dunes.

Decades of studying Earth’s systems, natural climate cycles, and extreme environmental shifts have left me feeling uneasy about the changes unfolding in the natural world.  It is hard not to imagine the worst of what might be coming down the line for my children.  It is hard to sit quietly with the data in the lab anymore.


This is my journey to tell some of the extraordinary stories of scientific research. 

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